Lettings is our business, not just part of it!

Brexit, views on the world’s population and letting agents are all subjects that Robert Peston touched on in his speech at the arla propertymark conference.

The first keynote speaker at the arla propertymark conference yesterday was, ITV’s political editor, Robert Peston, also host of the new flagship politics and current affairs show – Peston on Sunday. Peston’s presentation ‘Age of Uncertainty’ was informative, and with his insightful views gave the audience thought-provoking facts.

Much of what is happening in politics and economics around the world is because large sections of the populations are not behaving as they are expected to behave – the election of Trump and the vote to leave the EU are important factors that shows how the world is changing. It is, in Peston’s words, ‘The Revolution of the Blonds’ – Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, and Marine Le Pen.

Robert Peston went on to his key point saying, that Brexit is unprecedented in its complexity – ‘mind-boggling’ – and it will be a mammoth task for the government to deliver.

Interestingly in his view the best result Theresa May can hope for in the forthcoming French elections is for Marine Le Pen to win, if she does, the EU will start to unravel and will come apart more quickly, it will also take the spotlight off Brexit.

When asked if he would ever consider an alternative career as a letting agent, he replied that the industry is probably safe when viewed against the ‘rise of the robots’ because industries based on face to face service are likely to survive changes in technology, but he never replied directly to the question as to whether he would become an agent or not!

He surmised that government might actually be ‘drawing breath’ over the proposed ban on tenant fees.