Lettings is our business, not just part of it!

Ban letting fees debate at the ARLA conference.

A lively debate took place between a panel, which included David Cox – Arla Managing Director, Ross Jezzard – Director at Jezzard, Sam Michell – Head of Lettings at Rightmove, Baroness Hayter and the audience. The debate “Life after Letting Fees” plays a major part in the everyday lives of letting agents.

On one side of the panel were those in favour of the ban, who want to see it as bringing transparency; whilst on the other side were those who see no justification for it. Barnoness Hayter has been a long time supporter and has continually battled to see the Client Money Protection scheme become compulsory, which is seen by agents as a good thing. However, the Baroness took a very different view in the banning of tenant fees, when she expressed that the tenant fee ban is highly desirable. The audience heckled when she suggested that tenants would actually be disadvantaged by the ban. However, audience participation grew when they called out “They do” following the Baroness statement that tenants do not know what they are paying for.

David Cox gave a well reasoned counter to the Baroness and other proponents of a ban and maintained a dignified and professional, but firm, stance despite some quite severe provocations from those who want to see the end of tenant fees.