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It’s easy to think “flooding won’t ever happen to me”. The fact is – it could. And it could happen to your tenants.

1 in 6 properties in England are at risk of flooding. That’s almost 5 million people, and this is only going to increase with a changing climate.

Have you or your landlords ever checked to see if your rental property is at risk from flooding? Would you know what to do if it flooded? What are your legal responsibilities as a landlord? Act now and you could save time, money and worry if it happens tomorrow.

The Environment Agency is running a flood action campaign in early November to encourage you to act now to reduce the impact flooding could have on you, your tenants and your property.

Visit www.gov.uk/floodsdestroy and take the following simple steps:

  • Use the Environment Agency’s maps to find out if your rental property is at risk from flooding.
  • Visit the Floodline website, or call Floodline on 0345 988 1188 to check if you can get free flood warnings. Encourage your tenants to sign up for warnings so they can get advanced notice of flooding.
  • Prepare a flood plan for your rental property and advise your tenants to make a plan.
  • Make sure your buildings insurance and your tenants’ contents insurance covers flood damage.

We can’t prevent flooding, but we can be prepared for it. Take these small steps now to help save you and your tenants’ time, money and distress in a flood.