Lettings is our business, not just part of it!

Melanie Bowen celebrates 18 years in the lettings business. In January 1999 she joined Hill & Hill Property Management which is now.

Melanie Bowen celebrates 18 years, and today as Manager it’s Melanie’s job to ensure the smooth running of the business and that includes everything from making sure all our properties comply with the ever increasing number of legal requirements, dealing with the many and varied problems either tenant or landlord related that can arise during a day’s work, to making sure that the tea bags don’t run out.

Melanie’s work experience has always been within a customer service background and for several years it was a joke with her friends that she was aiming to work in every business along Grantham’s High Street, having worked for the Electricity Board, Gas Board, WHSmith, Goldings, Nationwide and Dixons all of which were on the High Street in those days, however since joining Hill and Hill Property Management in January 1999 (now EMPM) she has enjoyed working in lettings so much that she has not changed jobs since!

Melanie is a landlord herself and works on the principal that every property at EMPM is given the care and attention she would devote to her own houses. The principle of offering clean well maintained properties and ensuring repairs are attended to promptly, meaning that tenants are happy. We understand that while the landlord is the client, a happy tenant will tend to stay longer in a property, look after it as they would their own property and pay the rent on time. A Happy Tenant means a Happy Landlord. As a fully qualified member of ARLA, Melanie’s knowledge of both the lettings business and Grantham means she is the obvious choice for you and your property.

Melanie grew up in Grantham and has lived and worked in the Grantham area for many years, so she is well equipped to answer any queries about the area. Married with 2 grown up children she is now enjoying all things being a grandparent entails! Melanie enjoys horse riding and walking her dog and can be seen on the local bridleways or footpaths most evenings and weekends. When she’s not doing that, her other passion is gardening, however when it’s too cold, wet or dark to do the outside stuff she enjoys reading and has rediscovered her knitting skills since becoming a grandma.

Why not give her a call and see how Melanie and her team can help you.