Lettings is our business, not just part of it!

Lorna Maguire celebrates 10 years working at East Midlands Property Management based in the Grantham office.

Lorna celebrates 10 years at East Midlands Property Management after joining the team in Grantham in January 2007. She enjoys working with the public and has various roles within the office, mainly dealing with new applications for prospective tenants and seeing it through to their move in; this involves referencing, completing the paperwork and keeping the Landlord informed of the progress and happy. By being very careful in her tenant selection means she only has nice ones!

Occasionally Lorna can be found in the accounts department when the need arises, helping with queries and payment runs too.

Now Lorna’s daughter has flown the nest and started University she now needs to find a new hobby/outlet to fill her time up, other than her usual Friday night wine club! Lorna unlike some of her work colleagues openly admits hating going to the gym but can be found most days quite happily walking her crazy Whippet.

If you would like any information on applying for one of our properties give her a call.