Letting your home in Newark & Grantham

Over the years, we’ve offered help and advice to hundreds of landlords when they’ve been thinking about, or actively trying to, let their properties

Letting your home in Newark & Grantham

Of course, every landlord has different requirements, but there are a few questions that we seem to hear on a regular basis.  With this in mind, we thought it might be helpful to share some of our advice with you here, if you’re thinking about letting your home in Newark, Grantham or the surrounding area.

Q: Why would someone let their property?

A: Today, people consider letting for many reasons; moving away temporarily, unable to sell, or simply using their property as an investment.  Whatever your personal reason though, it is always sensible to have your property occupied and earning you money.

Q: What is buy to let?

A:  Investing in property to let, provides regular cash flow and capital growth and is now a serious contender in any investment portfolio.  Low interest rates and a strong demand, make investing in property very attractive.  We can advise you on the suitability of properties and their potential rental values.

Q: What are the pros & cons of letting?

A: Obviously these vary according to individual circumstances, but some points to consider are:

  • Income towards property costs
  • Income as investment
  • Property kept warm and aired
  • No council tax, gas, electricity or telephone bills to pay while property is occupied
  • Insurance can be more comprehensive and costs are lower for occupied properties
  • Staying on the property market ladder

Landlords have to allow

  • Fair wear and tear
  • Possible void periods without income
  • Property maintenance

Q: Why do I need an agent?

A: Of course there is nothing to stop you acting without an agent, however, there are many legal requirements that a landlord has to fulfil. Failure to comply may result in criminal prosecution or difficulty in recovering your property, or in the case of deposits, financial penalties. There is also a very practical side to going through an agent, for example, if your tenants pipe starts to leak in the middle of the night, it’s our phone that will ring – not yours!

There is so much more that we could tell you about letting your property in Newark & Grantham, so if you still have unanswered questions, why not give your local branch a call on the number below, or email us. Keep checking back for more Q & A posts, the next in the series will be here soon.

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