Criminal Offence for ignoring Right to Rent scheme

As from 1st December all tenants should be checked under the Right to Rent scheme. EMPM can manage this check for you so why not call us today

Criminal Offence for ignoring Right to Rent scheme

1st of December 2016 sees the introduction of measures to make it a criminal offence for failing to carry out Right-to-Rent checks properly.

The government announced last week that it will trigger the new measures under the Immigration act 2016. These measures will include a cracking down on rogue landlords who rent to migrants that have no right to be in the UK.

In a Government press release Mr James Brokenshire, immigration minister had said: “We are clear that illegal immigrants should not be able to access or remain in private rented accommodation, preventing lawful residents from finding a home. “We know the vast majority of landlords are diligent in their responsibilities when it comes to their tenants and we want to help them to be able to evict illegal immigrants more easily”.

The Right to Rent scheme plans next year to expand this right across all of the UK. Initially under the scheme landlords, agents as well as homeowners with lodgers, were liable for a civil penalty up to £3,000 per illegal migrant tenant.

This, following the 1st of December, will be strengthened to include a criminal offence with the aim of deterring the small… minority of rogues who continuously defy the law.

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