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Liverpool and Nottingham come out on top for Buy to Let investments

Liverpool and Nottingham are the UK’s best performing property investment locations. Both cities enjoy average rental yields of 6.2 per cent once mortgage costs are taken into account. While Liverpool has retained its position since May 2017 – despite lower rental yields due to falling rental prices in this area – Nottingham has moved up [&hellip

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Landlords expand their portfolios

Following a survey it has been reported that no fewer than 44 per cent of landlords plan to expand their portfolios before July 2018 despite tax obstacles. When the survey was carried out, landlords were asked what types of property they intended to purchase as part of their expansion strategy, 75 per cent of landlords who [&hellip

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HMRC update guidance on Stamp Duty

HMRC is set to update its guidance on the higher rate of Stamp Duty, which has been branded so confusing that it has caught out solicitors and estate agents. Since the Government’s additional 3% Stamp Duty was applied to second homes in 2017, there have been more than 15,700 individuals wrongly paying the charge who [&hellip

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Buy To Let mortgages could become more expensive

The consumer organisation Which? is warning that buy to let mortgages could become more expensive in the near future. This is despite reduced rates on several buy to let mortgage products introduced in December. Which? says the likely near-term increase in costs is down to two major sources of funding for buy to let lending [&hellip

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Accidental Landlords

It has been claimed that one in every 12 homes in 2017 has been up for sale in the previous six months before the property has been put onto the rental market. This adds up to 80,000 homes in total

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